6 Gadgets Your Sweetheart Will Love This Valentines Day

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With Valentines right around the corner you’re no doubt wondering what that perfect gift might be to get your sweetheart. Let’s face it – we live in the year 2016. That’s one year after Marty McFly came to the future and brought us hoverboards and shoes that tie themselves. Geeky tech gifts are in! I felt it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite “Valentines” that you can get your sweetheart this Valentines day, so I searched the web far and wide to find a few things I thought stood out as appropriate for this day. Here are 6 of my favorites:

1. The Automatic – $79.99

automatic_link_handSuch a simple device for the car lover in your life, the Automatic plugs into the computer port (did you know your car has a computer port?) of your car and sends, over bluetooth, all sorts of useful data to your phone. The latest version of Automatic comes with built-in GPS tracking, and will show you every place you’ve traveled over time over an app on your phone. It will even let you mark trips as business trips so you can track mileage for taxes (What says love like an automatic business travel tracker? Hey – I come from a family of CPAs!). There’s more though.

The Automatic is built to help you improve your driving habits. It will notify you through a series of beeps if your car is going to far over the speed limit, or if you accelerate or stop too fast. The mobile app assigns you a score that allows you to grade yourself on your driving habits, and will also tell you your mileage all so you can improve the amount of gas you’re using, hopefully saving you money in the process! If only I could now compete against my friends!

If you have a teenage driver, the Automatic has a feature called License+ which will track 100 hours of your teenager’s driving, coaching them along the way. As a parent it gives you reports on your teen’s progress, things like hard stops, acceleration, and times they go above 70 mph, and at the end of the 100 hours gives them a medal – bronze, silver, or gold based on their driving performance. It allows you as a parent to work with your teen as they learn to drive safely.

Lastly, the Automatic has some very fun and useful features. For instance, if your check engine light ever goes on, it will tell you right inside the mobile app what the engine code is so you can either look it up online, or call your mechanic and see what they think. In addition, if you ever lose your car in a parking lot, the Automatic has a “find your car” feature that will show you where you parked your car. You’ll never have to worry about a lost car again!

Whether it’s for the guy (or girl – hey, I’m not judging) that wants those check engine light codes, or the mom who wants the peace of mind that her kids are safe, the Automatic is a perfect Valentines gift. It currently sells for $79.99 on Amazon, and can also be bought in most big box stores like Best Buy. That’s about the price of a nice bouquet of flowers!

2. The Microsoft Band 2 – $198.97

1462207206125885100You can get him or her a high end piece of jewelry or nice watch, or you can can stick to the geeky route and go with the Microsoft Band 2. Microsoft’s latest foray into the Smart Watch arena, the Band 2 excels beyond its former Band predecessor released in 2014. The Band 2 boasts 11 total sensors, including built-in GPS, a UV sensor, accelerometer, and even a barometer.

As I have tested the Band 2 I found that it gets better with age though. The Band 2 utilizes all this sensory data to show you how to improve your life. If there is too much sunlight outside, the UV sensor will tell you to put on some sunscreen. It will track your sleep habits, and like many fitness and activity trackers it will also track your steps, calories burned, and will even give you a customized workout to reach weight loss goals. If only it would tell me when to get inside with this horrible inversion here in Salt Lake City!

While some may see it as a smart watch, it is much simpler than some of the big name smartwatches out there like Apple Watch and Android Wear. I kind of like this actually – I find Apple Watch to have too much. While it still syncs with your phone and will let you receive text messages, phone notifications, and even has an app store of sorts, the real value of this watch is in the sensory data and activity tracking. It’s much more than that though – using Microsoft Health it combines all that data and combines it into thorough reports on ways to not just track activity, but improve life as a whole!

As a wearable fashion piece I felt this was an ideal candidate for my Valentines list. At $198.97 on Amazon currently it’s about the price of a piece of jewelry, so it’s not far-fetched an item for a Valentines gift. Especially if you have a Microsoft lover in your life, this is perfect. But what I like most about this is that unlike Apple Watch or Android Wear it works with both Apple, Android, AND Microsoft! This is something that everyone can appreciate.

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3. The iRobot Looj 330 – $199

pIRBT1-13146321v380While I pass no stereotypes, I needed something that just says “manly” on this list of Valentines gifts. The iRobot Looj 330 (it even has a version number!) Gutter Cleaning Robot just oozes manliness in its name alone! Yes fellas – this is a robot that cleans your gutters! No longer do you have to slide your ladder over and over again just to get those sparkly clean gutters you normally work hours on. Now you just place the Looj 330 in your gutter, turn it on, and with a remote (yes, it even comes with a remote!) you tell it to clean and it automatically goes forward and backwards, cleaning your gutters for you, like the good little robot it is.

The Looj 330 comes with all sorts of accessories – it comes pre-packed with multiple types of flaps to clean different gutter types, along with even a belt clip to hold the Looj as you go up your manly ladder. But wait – there’s more – you can even buy an accessory kit which provides even more blades and tools to hit all those little nooks and crannies in your gutters! The kit also comes with a case so you can have a place to store all the manly goodness.

For the token man in your life, or hey – not judging – if the woman in your life just loves cleaning gutters, this gift is amazing. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy, perhaps for the first time, cleaning my gutters with my personal robot gutter cleaning servant. And my wife is happy because she gets clean gutters!

You can buy the Looj 330 for $199, also the price of a medium priced set of jewelry, over on I love this device!

4. The Parrot MiniDrones Airborne Cargo Drone – $99.99

productFor the maker or tinkerer in your life, this is such a fun toy! Sure, it is fun for kids, but adults can love it too! The Parrot MiniDrones Airborne Cargo Drone comes pre-built with attachments for “cargo” aka LEGO pieces you can attach to the drone. Parrot probably can’t call them LEGO for legal reasons, but that’s what it is. That’s right guys – YOU CAN BUILD LEGOS. THAT FLY!

The Airborne Cargo Drone has little LEGO attachment pieces on the top, as well as little dimples to attach things on the front, sides, and even underside to build to your hearts content. It comes with a little space man that can fly on top, but I went straight for my own LEGO collection and started building my own contraptions. Now you can truly build that flying space ship out of LEGOs that really flies!

The drone, like most of the Parrot drones, flies using controls on your phone or tablet device, and has a downward-facing camera that will take standard VGA snapshots at distances of up to 65 feet from the mobile device. It comes with 2 bumpers to protect it from hitting things, and with the bumpers it will last 7 minutes in air before needing to charge. Without the bumpers it lasts 9.

As I said, this gadget will appeal most to the maker and tinkerer if you happen to be attracted to one. At a price tag of just $99.99 on Amazon, that’s not too expensive for showing your true love to that love of your life this Valentines!

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5. The Fitbit Surge – $229

fitbit-surge-1100015-twobyone-1417890620-s2rC-column-width-inlineIf you have a health conscious partner interested in taking their game to that next level, the Fitbit Surge may be a good choice. Perhaps the creme de la creme of activity trackers and watches, the Fitbit Surge doesn’t disappoint. For the fans of Fitbit out there, it contains all the standard Fitbit tracking features – step tracking, stairs climbed, calories burned. The Fitbit Surge also adds in the value of a smartwatch to give additional info during that run or ride so you don’t ever have to take your phone out of your pocket.

The Fitbit Surge connects to your phone and provides notifications from the phone like text messages, phone calls, and other messages. It has a built in vibration so you know when to look at the watch. The device comes with built-in GPS so if you ever forget your phone, you can still track your run or ride and have it populate apps like Strava when you’re done. It also has an LCD e-ink display, making the battery life on the watch incredible. You’ll very rarely have to charge this device!

My favorite part of all Fitbit products though, and this one is no exception, is the gamification built into the entire experience. I can associate a Facebook or Twitter account, and it will pull in my friends that are also using Fitbit and show me how I stack up against those friends. This more than anything else out there, has motivated me to up my fitness game and improve my activity. For someone as competitive as I am, there is no better way to get me active.

If you’re like my wife and love the Fitbit products, or want a simple, yet effective device to get you fit and active again, the Fitbit Surge is perfect for you. At $229 on Amazon, it is about the cost of nice jewelry – it makes a statement, and has so much more function though!

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6. The Vinaya Altruis Cleopatra Ring – $307.63

11282636_6327878_1000I saved the coolest Valentines gadget for last. The Vinaya Cleopatra Ring featuring the Altruis smart jewelry stone technology is so much better than buying her a ring or necklace or earrings. Designed for women, I wish I could wear it as a guy! The Vinaya smart wearables are built to be simple notification devices with class that you can wear, without anyone even knowing they’re gadgets!

The ring that Altruis shipped me is high quality rose gold plated sterling silver, with a beautiful ceramic white stone, Cleopatra style, in the center. It’s the Altruis stone that makes the technology. It connects over bluetooth to a smartphone, and has different vibrations for when different people try to contact you on your phone. So if your spouse emails you, you’ll get a vibration letting you know someone important is emailing you. This way you never have to take your phone out of your pocket or purse unless you know it’s important!

It also lets those that know you include a “secret word” in their messages. For instance, if they include “911” in a text, that will prompt the Altruis stone to buzz a specific pattern, letting you know something important just came in. With beauty, style, class, and a lot of geekiness, this should be one of the top items on your Valentines Day list this year!

The Vinaya collection can be found on for most people at the price of $307.63, the price of a decent set of jewelry. If you’re in LA it’s available at Ron Robinson, and in New York City it’s available at Fivestory. This is truly my favorite, and “coolest” of the gadgets I’ve listed!

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Bonus: The Apple Watch and 1More Crystal Piston Headphones

pink-swarovski-feature_2048x2048To me these were a given. The Apple Watch has a native feature which allows those with Apple Watches to share heart beats with each other. There’s nothing more romantic than sharing your heart with someone you love – at $400 a pop!

And my favorite headphones for Valentines Day? The 1More Waterford Crystal Piston Headphones. They come in a pair, which includes both a pink, and a black Waterford crystal on the outside, making them quite a fashion statement and a nice piece of ear jewelry to boot! Check them out if you have an audiophile in your life! They sell for just $79 for the pair.

So there you have it! A lovable list for the lover in your life. If you have any other gadgets you think are just perfect for this list, share and let’s discuss in the comments! Maybe I can include those in a future review.

Disclosure: all items listed here were sent to me for review by their manufacturers at no cost. I specifically asked for each one because I thought they were of interest to my readers and viewers – despite receiving these at no cost, these are the devices I would purchase myself and still recommend to my readers had I purchased them. These are definitely some of the coolest Valentines gadgets I’ve come across!

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