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With Valentines right around the corner you’re no doubt wondering what that perfect gift might be to get your sweetheart. Let’s face it – we live in the year 2016. That’s one year after Marty McFly came to the future and brought us hoverboards and shoes that tie themselves. Geeky tech gifts are in! I felt it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite “Valentines” that you can get your sweetheart this Valentines day, so I searched the web far and wide to find a few things I thought stood out as appropriate for this day. Here are 6 of my favorites:

1. The Automatic – $79.99 –

2. The Microsoft Band 2 – $198.97 –

3. The iRobot Looj 330 – $199 –

4. The Parrot MiniDrones Airborne Cargo Drone – $99.99 –

5. The Fitbit Surge – $229 –

6. The Vinaya Altruis Cleopatra Ring – $307.63 –…

Bonus: The Apple Watch and 1More Crystal Piston Headphones
To me these were a given. The Apple Watch has a native feature which allows those with Apple Watches to share heart beats with each other. There’s nothing more romantic than sharing your heart with someone you love – at $400 a pop!

And my favorite headphones for Valentines Day? The 1More Waterford Crystal Piston Headphones. They come in a pair, which includes both a pink, and a black Waterford crystal on the outside, making them quite a fashion statement and a nice piece of ear jewelry to boot! Check them out if you have an audiophile in your life! They sell for just $79 for the pair.

Disclosure: all items listed here were sent to me for review by their manufacturers at no cost. I specifically asked for each one because I thought they were of interest to my readers and viewers – despite receiving these at no cost, these are the devices I would purchase myself and still recommend to my readers had I purchased them. These are definitely some of the coolest Valentines gadgets I’ve come across!

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