Top Gadgets for Spring – Fox 13’s The Place

Spring is here! The sun is out, and so are these hot new gadgets! Whether it be growing the Garden of Eatin’, adjusting the brightness of your home, or listening to music on your morning run, these gadgets are worth taking a gander at!

  1. Parrot Pot – $149.99 – The self-watering garden pot that you can control from your phone! Also provides care recommendations according to what you are planting!
  2. Pioneer Rayz – $149.95 – This is “augmented reality for your ears”. It automatically pauses your media when you take them out, and still lets you communicate with the outside world using its 6 microphones!
  3. Caseta Wireless – $100 – Adjust the lighting of your lamp from your phone!
  4. Lutron In-Wall Switch – $50 – Adjust the lighting of your in-wall switch from your phone!
  5. Skydrop Smart Sprinkler – $198.99 – Control your sprinkler from your phone, and let it tell you when and how much to water your lawn!


Hope you liked these springtime gadgets and gizmos! For the full interview,  click here:

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